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What’s so bad about getting that killer tan? What used to be considered a harmless and relaxing activity to do in the sun, tanning is now considered a dangerous and deadly, cancer causing thing to do. Not only are the suns rays dangerous, but even being in the sun is dangerous if you’re not wearing sunscreen. The sun isn't the only way to get a tan however. Another way to obtain sun rays is tanning salons. Every year more than 30 million men and women attend a tanning salon to retain the tan

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Many medications that are taken daily may affect the body internally, and externally due to the mix of intense heat given off from the bed, and the chemicals in the medicines you take. Also known as photosensitivity, many medications and topical products can cause photosensitive reactions or increase a person's risk of developing sunburn. This risk is for medications like birth control pills, antihistamines and even certain cosmetics, shampoos, and soaps. The skin may react quite adversely to a tanning session if any of these are being used simultaneously. Certain soaps and lotions can speed up the sun burning process because of the slimy residue on the skin prior to entering a tanning bed. Although some people are unaware that mixing medications and tanning can cause further damage to the body, before making a trip to the salon, check with your doctor and find out if tanning is really the best choice.

People these days wonder how to lessen the chance of getting melanoma cancer. You would think that a simple solution to lessen the risk of obtaining melanoma cancer would be to tan for a smaller amount of time, but that solution would be a bad one. The standard time for one UVA tanning session is approximately 20 minutes. Because the standard time for tanning is quite long, people with lighter and more sensitive skin are greatly prone to burning, or permanent damage. Those
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