Summary of Teaching Philosophy and Objectives Essay

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Summary of Teaching Philosophy and Objectives

My desire to teach is based upon the belief that teaching will provide me with a challenging and rewarding career. This is my second college experience as I have accomplished a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and pursued jobs in the field of retail management and the banking industry. However, I found those career paths to be lacking in terms of fulfillment. I have come to the realization that I want my life’s work to accomplish more than a numerical salary. Teaching is the profession that will provide the opportunities for me to reach these goals.

The philosophical stance that will guide my approach to teaching is idealism. For I believe that the
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Furthermore, I ascribe to the conclusion of idealism that ideas endure throughout time while the material world is uncertain. Certainly absolute knowledge such as mathematical theorems are evidence of this truth.

Consequently, I will approach teaching with the foreknowledge that all children have an innate capacity to learn. To assume otherwise is not acceptable. Despite gender, culture, or socioeconomic status the children that are placed in my care will be treated equally as our creator intended. As their teacher my ability will be tested in attempts to evoke the learning process, herein both the rewards and challenges of teaching lie.

While learners reside in my classroom, I hope to inspire within them a desire to learn new things. Encountering and conquering challenges associated with processes unfamiliar to me is exciting. I hope to pass along this enthusiasm for learning to my students. In order to accomplish this goal of participation in the learning process, I will strive to involve students in group projects where interactions with peers may spark learning interests. I will also present material in terms relevant to life situations. Also, class discussions of relevant topics will be encouraged.

Subsequently, in an effort to provide an environment conducive to learning, I will post and consistently enforce classroom rules. Students that abide by the specifications of behavior will be reinforced and those who

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