Social Media Platforms Essay

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Social media platforms continue to pose an essential tool to utilize in a company or business. When it comes to choosing which platform is right and one that will be utilized to its fullest, select those that offer potential for reaching a specific target audience. It takes a lot of teamwork, time and resources to be able to obtain each platform to its fullest potential. In order to be successful, make sure to prepare and follow through in at least a few best practices for social media so you are not overwhelmed with each platform and are able to be successful in those particular practices.
Social media platforms offer great opportunities for newsworthy information and help expand the reach of its content. Like everything, there are
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This is the first and foremost message that all companies and organizations should take away from any social media platform.
The goal for a business is to provide quality products and services as well as being involved and honest with its employees and customers as well as the public eye. Ethics can be very important to a company or brand as bad customer service or experiences can grow even faster online and through social mediums.
Simply put, you shouldn’t make claims and promises about your business, your products, or your warranties that you can’t or won’t be able to back. Don’t deceive people with small print or use the convenience of the Internet to not deal with issues like not answering e-mails or not providing contact information.
Everything you write will become public
Assume everything that will be posted will become public. This is a good rule to go by as it is true on mostly every account. Privacy is constantly changing and what you might think as being posted anonymously may someday be leaked or appear publicly with your name or company behind it. No website is un-hackable and no privacy setting is idiot-proof, so even the savviest will find some of their supposedly private information revealed.
That’s true even if it’s on an account that’s not explicitly linked to your employer or organization. Keep separate accounts and stick remember the first practice for social media, stay ethical. If a company or organization posts something through

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