Public Benefit Essay

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Primary Public Benefit Area: Reduced Disparities

Secondary Public Benefit Area: Improved Service Delivery

Located in North Portland Roosevelt high school is situated in the heart of the St. Johns neighborhood. Much like the community, the school is experiencing a rebirth of sorts with aspirations for building a thriving community school possessing a strong core program grounded in a commitment to personalizing learning for all students. A recent recipient of a significant state School Improvement Grant Roosevelt staff, students and community have been working diligently over the past 18 months planning for and implementing a transformation model (See Attachment XX for specific details) with significant technology themes that
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There are number of technical and logistical questions that need to be answered and this effort provides us with the opportunity to implement an enterprise role-based Internet filtering solution, develop sound asset management practices, and better understand how our current infrastructure is configured to support such an effort.

It is also important to note that Roosevelt has garnered quite a bit of attention with the numerous community outreach efforts. We want to continue contribute to that momentum and envision a modern "innovation lab" as an adjunct to the existing library. Modeled after the space showcased in this video Habits and Habitats: Introducing the IDEA this would be an innovation "hot spot" shared by staff, students, and the community. This space would operate seamlessly alongside a revitalized library and possess a "genius bar" (Credit to Apple for that name) staffed by a contingent of students, staff, and potentially community partners to assist key stakeholders with technology needs and questions. This space would also serve as a professional learning hub for staff, collaboration space for teachers and students, and even an adult education environment to help with parent and community education efforts. Again, a focus on

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