Healthcare Vs Medicare

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The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS, 2012) a subsidiary of the Department of Health and Human Services which is a federal agency of the United States of America that operate and monitor the states Medicare and Medicaid programs which was establish in 1965. According to King (2011) the intension of the Affordable Care Act is to increase accessible to insurance, increase growth of the buyer securities, emphasize prevention and health improvements, expand quality and system performance, growth of the health workforce, and control increasing expense of health care. The Affordable Care Act was establish in 2010 as reported by King (2011). A comparison and contrast of the requirements, funding and prevention of the two programs will …show more content…
In addition, CMS(2012) states that Medicaid covers nursing home care and personal care services, which is not covered by Medicare. Medicare is a state and federal program that covers the 65 and older populations’ medical expenditures (CMS, 2012). There are some previsions were an individual can qualify for both Medicare and Medicaid at the same time but Medicaid only reimburse after Medicare has rendered payment for the services. According to King (2011) because of the goal to cover the uninsured the ACA is requiring employers with the exception of small business owners to insure their employee are be subjected to a penalty. In addition, King (2011) states that ACA has lengthened Medicaid to meet the needs of the population that is below the national poverty guidelines. The next section will discuss how the Medicare and Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act is …show more content…
According to King (2011) the goal of the ACA is to provide coverage for 32 million Americans insurance both privately and publicly. The next topic of discuss is health and wellness.
Health and Wellness
According to King (2011) ACA has implemented prevention and health fund was established to educate the public on disease management, fund community health centers, and to provide trainings to health care providers. . Furthermore, King (2011) states that ACA would increase the payments for Medicare and Medicaid prevention and promotion of health programs such smoking cessation, oral health and nutrition. CMS (2012) states that Medicare and Medicaid has a incentive program for staying healthy, this program encourage recipients to visit their doctor yearly for screening of blood pressure, height and weight and vision.

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