Private Schools vs. Public Schools Essay

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Sending your child/children to school is a decision every parent/family has to make. Choosing where to send your child is a different story though. No matter where you live, there is always a public school in the area that your child can attend and you have no annual fee. Public schools are paid for with taxes that every citizen has to pay. Private schools on the other hand have an annual fee that can range up to around $20,000 per year. Paying for private schooling is almost like paying for college tuition. Some parents prefer public schools because of the children’s freedom while on the other hand some prefer private schooling because of the curriculum and religion learned. Sometimes parents change their mind about where they want …show more content…
Because of the vast amount of teachers in public schools, at the younger ages when there is an aid in the classroom you tend to get more one on one attention than in a private school. This helps when you have a mentally disabled child or if the child just does not catch onto things as quickly as a regular student. With the sudden rise in parents and children becoming more interested in switching to Private schooling, this has increased the bar at public schools. This means that public schools are trying harder to increase the number of teachers so the student teacher ratio is better. They are also including more gifted and talented programs in. “Because public schools improve due to competition, school choice benefits reach beyond those students who take advantage of the opportunity” (Salisbury 1). These actions are taking place in order to keep children in public schools instead of transferring out and attending a private school. This helps open up room for competition now between public and private schools. In the last year, an estimated 6,000 students switched from public to private schooling (Switch to private schools 1). The teaching curriculum has also increased in public schools (Rees 1). Since the majority of children attending private schools are predominantly white, going to a private school can ruin the diversity that is suppose to

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