Essay on Prescription Pill Drug Abuse

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Prescription Pill Drug Abuse is rapidly increasing in public health, not only is it a serious situation, but also it is growing rapidly across the country. Most people take prescription medications as part of normal life because they need it for health reasons, but the rapid increase is mainly for nonmedical use. Which raises the question is addiction a choice or is it a disease? Growing up I saw someone in my family take pills for different reasons, and I think that from what I saw over the years I believe that Pill Abuse is a choice.
Every person makes decisions in everyday life, so depending on your opinion choice is important in life. So you have the choice to start taking and stop the addiction of pill abuse. As I researched this
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Common Symptoms of addicts are different depending on what one addict is used to the dependent is usually going through what people call withdrawals and when one stops taking pills it is no longer receiving that effect of the chemicals that they are used to indulging in. So someone stopping would most likely be very irritable, unable to sleep, and even for the worst addicts you may have heard of people experiencing seizures.
The most common abused prescription medicines are in places that are not even locked up and you don’t even realize it which makes misuse more likely or possibility of theft. Also when people are prescribed medications they take them but when they don’t finish them they just leave them in a place for the future they don’t discard them. Most of all some of these common medications maybe have been prescribed to someone you care for and love, at the same time for parents that have children that are in there preteens maybe they are taking or experimenting some of these not realizing the consequences, thinking not my child.
The first commonly abused medication is an Opioids which is generally for pain relief such as something that is for pre or post surgical operations. Some know it as Hydrocodone (Vicodin), and Oxycodone (Oxycontin). This medication is very popular and highly addictive to many. This was actually a medication that my mother was addicted to and was very hard for her to

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