Prescription Drug Addiction

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Any addiction is a compulsion to achieve something; a compulsive need; to become dependent on a substance, object, action; to develop a habit or a problem altering normal function. In most cases, one addiction leads to others- it can start off innocent and develop into a dangerous toxic affair. In this scenario it is pain medications. It can begin with over the counter medications to decrease the discomfort of, say, a tooth ache. Later on, the pain levels elevate and the need to suppress the pain increases, so the sufferer finds someone with a few left over morphine pills from a serious surgery. This person finds a calm, comforting peace in not feeling the constant pain any longer. When the medication wears off, the pain returns, and the pain stricken person feels they need more medication. Not only more, but perhaps stronger pills as they begin to grow immune to a certain dosage. This vicious cycle become a dependent, addictive dance between drugs and drugee. …show more content…
Opioids, depressants, stimulants, and relaxants are all part of realm of narcotic abuse (Signs). While doctors prescribe these medications to improve the quality of life for the patients, some recipients of the prescription know they can profit off of the contents and begin illegal distribution for profit on the streets falling into the hands of the wrong people. Some outward warning signs of someone addicted to pain prescriptions may include a change in sleeping patterns, appetite, weight loss, a loss of interests and motivation, bad breath, rashes, or a constant wheezing or difficulty breathing [may be a sign of an allergy to the medication](Signs). Treatment for people who want to no longer be dependent or addicted to pain prescription pills may find relief in other medications while detoxing such as methadone, buprenorphine, and naltrexone. These medications and cognitive behavioral therapy is the best route for most patients

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