Essay on Social Problems And Drug Abuse

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Social Problems and Drug Abuse
Social Problems are problematic issues that arise in society. A condition or pattern of behavior that not only holds negative consequences for society, but also individuals and the physical world. Social problems do not need to directly affect everyone to be classified as a problem. Prescription drug abuse has become one of many social problems associated with substance abuse.
Let 's take a look at the sociological perspectives on social problems. First, the functionalist perspective, it looks at the consequences or functions of society. Guerrero (2015), author of Social Problems states, "a functionalist asks, how does the social problem emerge from society? Does the social problem serve a function?" It focuses on society and how the social order is maintained (Guerrero, 2015). Second is the conflict perspective, how coercion and power hold society together. The conflict perspective says social problems come from conflicts in society between groups in society. These groups are based on race, social class, ethnicity and gender. There is no easy solution, because those in power maintain their control (Guerrero, 2015).
Third is the feminist perspective. This perspective focuses not just on one, but many perspectives describing a women 's repression. Helping to specify strategies for a woman 's freedom. Gender, social class, and race are included in description as social differences of the feminist perspective. This perspective looks at how…

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