Minnesota's Sunday Liquor Sale Ban Case Study

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1. What is the specific social problem you are investigating? Why does this constitute a social problem? (Connect to class content. For example: who is impacted, objective & subjective conditions, elements of harm.)

I chose to research the repeal of Minnesota’s Sunday liquor sale ban. This constitutes as a social problem because there is clear and collective awareness of this problem, it affects a large group of people (respective to Minnesota), political action has transpired through the creation of numerous bills, there has been many years of discussion on what should be done and why, and a large group of people have shown strong emotion to support their opinion through websites, articles, blogs, and petitions. The social problem of Minnesota’s Sunday liquor sale ban is both subjective and objective. The subjective aspects of this
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Also, I will need to understand which states were involved, and why Minnesota was included. After I have developed a deep understanding of the history of the Sunday alcohol sale ban, I will be able to research the different perspectives on this topic and consider the pros and cons of each. The economical facts I use will need to incorporate numerous numbers and statistical evidence that are reliable and consistent. Finding legitimate factual evidence will be a challenge, but if my sources list how the numbers were obtained and it is a dependable source, then I should be able to do so. Another challenge I may encounter would involve the religious aspect of the ban. Nowadays, our society is immensely diversified with culture and religion. It will be hard to find facts about how many people actually use Sunday as a day of worship and how many do not. I will develop a better understanding of this through research of what religions use Sunday for worship, and a demographic of the religious views in

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