Prescription Drug Abuse History

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The article "The Role of Traumatic Event History in Non-medical Use of Prescription Drugs among a Nationally Representative Sample of U.S. Adolescents" hopes to address the problem of non-medical use of prescription drugs among teens and reduce risk. The purpose of the study was to identify risk factors to aid prevention of NMUPD in adolescents. In particular, the study seeks to use previous demographic and other substance use risk factors that correlate with lifetime non-medical prescription drug abuse in teens. The survey added to this by trying to see if mental health and a history of trauma could also be risk factors associated with NMUPD in teens (McCauley et al., 2009). The conclusion of the telephone survey in this study showed that …show more content…
The reason for this research was to find out how widespread teen prescription drug abuse is in an Appalachian county in Tennessee. It also searched for risk and protective factors, such as friends ' use or parental disapproval, that could potentially predict NMUPD. Using the study results, the authors set out to provide prevention recommendations (Collins, Abadi, Johnson, Shambien, & Thompson, 2012). The results of the survey that was given to the adolescents in class were 35% of the teens reported NMUPD with pain medications being the most abused. The risk and protective factors that were found to predict non-medical use of prescription drugs in the teens were: friends ' use, perceived availability, perceived risk of use, parental disapproval, school commitment, and community norms against drug use (Collins, Abadi, Johnson, Shambien, & Thompson, 2012). The authors of this survey use the socio-cultural psychological perspective because the study seeks to find risk and protective factors such as friend 's use and community norms and how they relate to NMUPD in the teens. Collins et al. (2012) noticed that the teens were less likely to use non-medical prescription drugs if their parents and community were against it (p.

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