Pocket Digital Assistants And Use For Staff Nurses Essay

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The personal digital assistant (PDA) is a handheld device originally designed as personal organizers but over the years have advanced becoming the newest tool in the academic toolbox. It had broad capabilities is a powerful reference source as well as a computer and communicator that can be stored in a pocket. The PDA was first developed in 1993 by Apple Computer and was named the Newton. Later Palm, Inc. released the Pilot 1000 and 5000 which retailed for about $500 (Wikipedia). Today the PDA has become a necessity to many people. It has a broad range of functions which may include …show more content…
Medical calculators are also frequently used to estimate measures such as arterial blood gases, body mass indexes, laboratory values and drip/infusion rates (Fischer, eta.) The healthcare community has not been left behind in the development of resources for the PDA. However, it may be reasonable to assume that full usage of its capabilities is lagging behind the development. The technology is developing faster than the practitioners can incorporate it into their practice. There are currently some very common uses in the medical community of the PDA. There are many resource books that are sold in a formal that allows the downloading of the entire text onto the PDA. PDAs are in use by nurses in some of the same ways that other healthcare providers are using them. However, they are also being used in some unique ways as well. Hunt (2002) describes a variety of ways that nurses use the PDA. Intensive care unit and emergency room nurses found PDAs to be helpful for emergency and reference protocols as well

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