Personal Narrative: I Learned from My Friend's Mistakes Essay examples

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Imagine having the advantage of knowing what to do before you could make a mistake. Imagine not having to pay the price due to the lack of experience. I wouldn’t say I am an expert at life, but when those tricky situations come, I am one step ahead of the game. How would that be possible you say? I owe it all to my best friend; she gave me the best advantage, simply by having to watch her suffer the consequences of her mistakes. We’ve been best friends since pre-k, we always had fun with each other, and we were both so innocent. She was a smart girl and I had always looked up to her since I didn’t have a big sister. She had a lot of friends and performed well in school. Unfortunately things drastically changed when we entered middle …show more content…
Her relationships helped me understand a little better the complexity of high school relationships. The boys became so predictable that I almost guessed every move they would make, and which ones would make her fail. She was also such a rebellious child. She smoked, she drank, and she partied. She did a lot of these things in front of me. At the time everyone thought it was cool and attractive to do these things. I didn’t like what it turned her into so I stayed away. Her parents often caught her doing these things, especially with boys. Her punishments were often extreme. Like for instance, they cut off all her hair, took away her make-up, and her nice clothes. Eventually she was sent to alternative school by the request of her parents, and for fighting in school. That still didn’t stop her from rebelling. Her grades began to slip while mine progressively improved. Every year she would worry if she passed on to the next grade. When she figured out she did pass she didn’t care anymore. She would go back to her same ways and forget about her work. Her lack of motivation fueled mine. I wanted to be better; not ending up like her. My dreams and goals have always been important, so I made sure I stayed focused. Everyone talked bad about her, and I felt so sorry. I knew the real her, but people wouldn’t see beyond the mistakes. Learning how one silly boy could make a crucial impact on your reputation, I watched how I carried and presented myself

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