Personal Birth Plan Essay

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A birth plan is meant to help the parents for the physical and emotional idea of the birth process. The expectant parents who have a birth plan are better prepared for what is to come when the labor process begins. A birth plan requires evolution throughout the pregnancy because plans and ideas can change at any time (Kaufman, 2007). This personal birth plan is going to explore the idea of a natural home delivery with a midwife present. I personally feel that for my birth experience I would like my baby to be untouched by labor drugs and to ease into the world. Many expectant mothers do not know they are pregnant right away; therefore, I personally feel that as soon as I find out I would contact my physician to be advised and have the …show more content…
The relationship developed between myself and the midwife feels like a very important kinship. She is watching my baby grow along with me and I want this to feel like a journey. As a couple, I would that my partner would attend as many appointments with me as possible. Prenatal care is essential to growth and development of a fetus. Proper prenatal care is the number one priority that needs to be established at the beginning of my pregnancy. My delivery will be planned for a natural, vaginal home birth. A home birth is often attended by more support people and provides the woman with more satisfaction. Home births are often less time consuming to midwife than hospital births (Miller & Skinner, 2012). I do not wish to have obstetric interventions provided in my birth process. According to Miller and Skinner (2012) home births are consistently less influenced by the use of these interventions. The allowance of time in a home birth can very influential because birth is more likely to occur in the natural manner. The rupture of membranes is allowed to rupture spontaneously in higher incidences at home than at a hospital. The natural environment of a couple’s home can be comforting and less anxiety than being amongst the machines and many other women birthing at the hospital. I have no desire for the use of induction/augmentation, an

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