Essay on Overcoming Personal Challenges Analysis

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If we let our personal challenges destroy us, then we are nothing and have nothing to offer the world. It is important that we take control of our situation and use the personal hardship as an opportunity to better ourselves. It takes a keen eye and careful self-evaluation to remove any inclusions that will mar the beautiful diamond we possess in all of us. Each one of us is shaped into a distinctive cut of stone, giving way to different grades of clarity and color, making us rare, valuable, and uniquely our own. Frederick Douglass and Barbara Ehrenreich are two individuals who lived in different time periods; however, both individuals used their personal struggles to inspire change in the hearts of others. Just as I use my struggle as a …show more content…
To fight racism, Douglass chose pen and paper over guns and ammunition. Frederick Douglass’ weapon of choice was the photograph. He appealed to the emotions that pictures created to gain the attention from people of all races to “penetrate the perceiver’s soul as well as his mind” (Photography 94). Pro-abolitionists were given a medium to show proof that blacks were equal to whites and deserved the same liberties as their fellow free men. This was important because most Americans of the time defended the evolution of racism.
It was logical for Douglass to blame whites for the current images of African Americans because he was a former slave. He wrote, “{n}egros can never have impartial portraits at the hands of white artists because, like all other white persons, they have adapted a theory respecting the distinctive features of Negro physiognomy” (Fried 92). Using photographs to redefine the image of the African American made perfect sense.
No-one could ignore the lure of the photograph. The way photos were crafted and the images that were reflected were fascinating. This was new technology and it defied the previous interpretations of African Americans articulated by artists of that era. Douglass gained the respect of many Americans, regardless of their race and gender. He succeeded in moving the American people to question their reasoning and

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