Organizational Behavior At Kudler Essay

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Brenda Wagner, Director of Administration and Human Resources of Kudler Fine Foods, asked our team to review the company’s employee files and other documents to assess its readiness for change. Our goal is to describe the apparent culture at the company, the organizational structure, what can our team infer about the leadership style based on the organizational performance, how that leadership style is evidentially reflected in the employees motivation, and what things are happening external and internal to the company that could drive to a change.
Kudler Fine Foods Organizational Behavior
Kudler Fine Foods mission statement acknowledges that they want to “provide their customers with the finest in selected foodstuffs,
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Building these incentives throughout the company has undoubtedly helped Kudler succeed in gaining a large customer base. Employee expertise coupled with superior foods and services makes the shopping experience at Kudler pleasant and unique. One big part of Kudler is focusing on customer loyalty. With programs like cooking classes, frequent shopper rewards, and even specialty orders, Kudler has proved that it is not prepared to become complacent. Kudler Fine Foods states that “good customer relations can build greater customer loyalty and increased profits,” they have demonstrated just that.
Organizational Structure at Kudler
The way that an organization divides its functions and manage them may be the definition of Organizational Structure. Organization structure is a formal system of relationships that determines lines of authority and the tasks assigned to individuals and units (Gomez-Mejia & Balkin, 2002). Division of labor or resources is the key to organize the structure consisting of two major components, Horizontal dimension, and Vertical dimension. Organization design at Kudler Fine Foods fits into functional structure. A functional structure clusters people with similar skills in departments. Kudler has three major divisions: Finance and Accounting, Store Operations and Human Resources where the similar or related skilled resources are together. The head of each division is reporting directly to the President, who integrates the activities

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