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Scientists argue in an article from the guardian the people have given wrong information about their energy content of food and the system is not accurate as well as not address fiber. For instance, person intakes based on their Body Mass Index’ (BMI). BMI is designed with in-between body weight. (Kilogram) by Height, (meters) squared Mass Index because BMI calculates average of person’s daily intakes therefore when such as that information outdated people can easily gain weight. (PP.1-2) Moreover, the article stated people, still could gain weight instead they have thought to eat healthy food, like fiber and whole grain because of system is outdated.

Alok Jha," Food labelling underestimating calorie content of some foods, scientists say." (1), pp. 4 [online] Available From: [Accessed 18th Feb 2013] The scientists behind the research also reveal that consumers could reduce their calorie intake by eating raw ... rather than cooked foods, they argue: that the way; calories are assigned; to foods; by manufacturers; needs ... a significant overhaul because calories are currently both over and underestimated by up to 25%

Luck of physical activities is associates obesity. According National survey England said most people in the UK are not maintained physical activities. For instance when people do not do enough exercise their body would not burn fat or burn fewer this can
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