Effects Of Child Obesity In The United States

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Obesity is a health issue associated with a high amount of fat in the body. It may sometimes be wrongly used with being overweight where a person has excess weight about height from muscle, water, bone, and fat (Cole et al., 2000). Obesity results can be brought about by environmental, behavioral and genetic factors. Child obesity is great concern in the United States as more children are becoming obese even unto their adolescent years where the number has quadrupled during the past three decades.
Obese Children of age six to eleven years in the US have increased greatly from 7% to 18% between the years 1980 to 2012. For obese adolescent cases have increased from 5% to 21% in 1980 to 2012 respectively (Pickering, 2011). Obese children in the US represent a third of the population of children in the United States. Obesity is, therefore, a disaster in the making
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Obesity is also linked to various health issues that take place over a longer period. One health issue is that obesity in children can progress to their adulthood and pose more problems like osteoarthritis, cancers, diabetes, and heart disease. The cancers associated with obesity include cancers of the cervix, prostate, ovary, thyroid, gall, blood, pancreas, esophagus, endometrium, kidney, colon and breast among many others. Such health concerns especially for children and their adulthood in future are a sign that obesity should be dealt with in children as soon as possible to prevent the various detrimental and debilitating effects that it can have on the child as he or she grows. Obese children, therefore, have a difficult future riddled with many health problems, and therefore measures should be taken to protect the children from avoidable

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