Essay on Nurturance: A Critical Analysis

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Nurturance is the social behavior of providing physical and emotional sustenance in order to adhere to the essential needs of individuals that are perceived to be young, helpless or feeble. The predisposition to nurture can be viewed as a personality trait or temperament. Scholars have often examined the need to nurture and be nurtured. According to scholars nurturance is considered both a biological, psychosocial need. This is visible in mother-child relationships. As an infant, an individual bonds to another individual (usually a mother) who provides a secure base, which provides a sense of emotional stability for the infant. Eventually once the mother-child base is formed the child has the ability to explore new objects and places …show more content…
They are studied in cases where the twins are both reared together and separately to understand individual differences and similarities in personalities in these twins; in most cases even when the identical twins are reared apart they often are similar in regards to their career choices and personality characteristics. While fraternal twins share about fifty percent of the same DNA they have the same outcome as siblings that are not born as twins, meaning the pair will have different personality traits (Holzinger, 1929). This demonstrates that although MZ twins are reared apart they still share the same personality traits because they are heritable.
The biological aspect of nurturance as a personality trait is explained through genetics. Biology is the influence for most of the complex and intricate phenomena that occur within a human being, the same can be applied to the personality of an individual. The Big Five is a list of the five core personality traits that all individuals are believed to possess at various ends of a spectrum; these traits can be found to be influenced by inheritance and therefore many facets of these traits are also able to be explained by genetics (Jang et al. 1998). The broad continuum of traits an individual has is usually present and noticeable starting from the time the child is born and continues throughout a person’s lifetime. The biological

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