Essay Marketing Principle: Branding

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For an effective boost of sales, an organization has to inform the consumers of their products, improvement made on the products that have added value to the products and how to use the product not forgetting to inform the consumers about the difference between their product and other similar products in the market. (1998) illustrates that there are different professed rules or guidelines of action or conduct in the process of informing the consumers of a product or service through effective marketing principles. For the survival of any organization whether profit oriented or non-profit, marketing is an essential function of operation for existence in the market and achievement of the organizational goals. Donald (1996) …show more content…
This may enable an organization to get advantage over competitors. In the recent market environment advertising has emerged as the major mode of marketing hence the incorporation of the marketing principles (Quick MBA 2010). A company may decide to take over the manufacturing, distribution and the sales of another company’s product through product licensing. A company may license as many products as they can, depending on their financial strength (Forbes 2010). According to Foley (1995) it is important to consider the chances of changes either an increase or decrease in value unexpectedly. Such concepts are referred to as downside risk management. Product licensing is to an extent limited to the financial strength of the licensing company due to the loyalty payment thus protecting it from being overdone by the licensing individual companies (Business Insider, 2011). From the association between the Disney Company and the AmeriKids there seem to be a potential up-side than a down-side. This is evident from the fact that the association gave Disney more products in the grocery and convenience channel which for a long time they had just commanded a three percent of the foodstuff and beverage market. This partnership could therefore contribute to their target of clicking the one percent of the global market (Management study 2008). According to (Businessweek 2009) companies may partner and use two or more brands to name a new product by co-branding. There are

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