Landmines: Aftermaths and International Conventions Essay

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When people who do not live in landmine contaminated countries are asked to imagine a minefield, they will likely imagine a scene of short grass, a recently plowed field, or a sandy desert completely protected by a barbed wire fence with warning signs every few yards. Unfortunately the reality is completely different. Minefields are often covered with tremendous areas of concealing vegetation and are rarely fenced. Most countries without a protective military force originally plant landmines strategically with offensive ideas in mind. These ideas form off of the idea of conserving the lives of their soldiers. Because landmines have proven their capability in use of war by causing damage to the enemy's front line, the number of landmines …show more content…
Anti-personnel mines are generally used against humans but can cause disruptions in tanks and vehicles. However, these mines were originally designed to protect anti-tank mines. An anti-tank mine is easier to see relative to anti anti-personnel mine, so they were starting to become very easy for the enemy to find, destroy, and sometimes take for their own use. They were put to protect the anti-tank mines because anti-tank mines were very valuable; they protected the major weapons. Most landmines were developed as defense weapons, deployed to defend occupied territory, to protect resources, and to deny the enemy passage or possession of roads, and new territory. The problems of landmines were born when countries began to realize the value of a landmine as a weapon and started using them as a primary weapon.
Post war landmines often cause the most problems in rural areas where there are open fields in which landmines were once placed. Mines frequently occupy fields in rural areas that are needed to be farmed to produce food for a community. If this land was free of landmines and able to be farmed, hunger problems in small, rural civilizations would decrease. Because of the landmines that contaminate fields in rural area, many innocent people suffer and often starve to death because they are not able to eat. Although this seems like this is the worst possible scenario landmines cause, it is not.

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