Pros And Cons Of The Vietnam War

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Although there are many arguments and different interpretations about when the Vietnam War started, most claim that it started on the 1st November 1955 from which the Department of Defence officially list the American deaths in Vietnam and ended in 1975 when South Vietnamese surrendered after Communist troops entered Saigon.
America’s involvement in Vietnam started when US presidents promised to help countries who were threatened by Communism after the Cold War, as they wanted to try and avoid the spreading of Communism (Domino Effect). There were half a million US troops were helping defend South Vietnam by 1968 and it was from here on where the protests rose dramatically.
Initially, Americans thought it was a good idea to get involved in
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It was on January 23rd 1973 when the treaty was signed however it was only until July 1st of that year when the U.S congress passed the legislation prohibiting any direct or indirect U.S combat activities. [6]It was also agreed at the Peace Conference that US war prisoners would be released. …show more content…
[9] Johnson and Congress naturally paid attention to the public’s opinion and as argued by Vivienne Sanders, it was the opposition from the public and press which led to his retreat. [10] This emphasises how important public opinion is with in a country and shows how a mass anti-war movement can lead to great victories. Even though there was no longer any American troops in Vietnam, USA still sent over more military aid money and weapons backed by US air power to South Vietnam so that their own troops could continue the fighting. This shows that America was encouraging them for the fighting and still supported them. Although the anti-war movement had achieved their aim in removing the troops from Vietnam, some Americans would still have been angry as America were still financially supporting Vietnam, encouraging war and violence. Furthermore, Americans may also have felt a sense of betrayal because Nixon secretly increased the bombing on North America and started bombing communist bases in Cambodia. He kept this a secret from the Congress and public as he feared protest. ( Page 36) Although this shows the ineffectiveness of the anti-war movement as America were still involved in the conflict, it also shows a victory and success as it shows that the President feared the public and its

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