Essay on KaZaA is Ethical and Legal

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KaZaA is Ethical and Legal


The Internet is undoubtedly one of the greatest innovations of the past hundred years. The Internet provides a means for people all over the world to share information readily and rapidly. Like all technological innovations, the Internet has provided a better means for information to be exchanged. The down side of this is that the Internet can be used to transmit illegal information more easily.

KaZaA is an Australian company that offers a means for internet users all over the world to exchange files of all types, with one another. Many users have been using KaZaA as a means to exchange music, movie, and program files, which is illegal based on the laws of many nations. The recording
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There however is one large difference between the two. "Napster, which indexed songs on its servers"1 is not the same as KaZaA, who does not store any information about the files that users have, as it merely provides a means for two people to exchange information. KaZaA uses what they call "supernodes" for users to distribute files. The way the "supernodes" work is that a user who has a broadband connection becomes a "supernode" who then becomes the server from which users can download files. All KaZaA does is provide peer to peer networking software, where as Napster actually stores information about the files that are being swapped.

Earlier this year "U.S. District Judge Stephen Wilson has ruled music and movie picture companies can sue the off-shore file-swapping site KaZaA, which argued it was exempt from U.S. jurisdiction because it is based in Australia and incorporated on the island of Vanuatu."2 The Motion Picture Association of American and the Recording Industry Association of America are two of the groups at the forefront of a large lawsuit. They are attempting to sue several companies that provide access for users to swap files on the internet.


With the existence of the Internet, software has become a global entity. One hundred years ago people were landlocked due to the difficulty of travel across the massive oceans. Fifty years ago airplanes

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