Ballot Position: It Matters

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Article 1
Summary 1
In the article “Ballot Position: It Matters,” the author Matthew Wills states the order of the candidate's name on the ballot has a huge impact of which candidate wins the election. It is believed that the first name listed on the ballot is generally the winner of the election. The listings were placed in alphabetical order at one time. The outcome was advantageous for the first name listed but not nearly as much for the items further down on the ballot. Presidential elections, which are high recognition ballot contests, do not see the advantage of first name listed. An option the States sometimes use is to pick the candidate order on the ballot by which candidate’s formal filing was first.
Rationale 1
This article is relevant to every polling situation. Voting polls are regulated highly in hopes of a fair outcome. After reviews of the situation with placement of names on the ballot, if it can be supported that there might be a bias, it must be explored. Voters should have to learn and study the candidates without the bias of choosing the first name listed on the ballot.

Article 2
Summary 2
In the article “Brock Turner Released After Serving 3 Months for Sexual Assault” by Katie Samuelson, Time Magazine online shares the outcome of Brock Turner, a former
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Humans are living longer these days but are relying more on nurses to care for them. This is causing there to be nursing shortage within the nursing homes which is causing the level of care quality to decrease. Decision making and communication should be held between the whole healthcare team including the resident and their family. Overall there are several issues that cause questions on nursing ethics. Nurses need to continue being educated on how important each part of the nursing ethics is for their benefit along with the

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