J. Crew Company Analysis Essay

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I. Problem Definition
J.Crew at Stonestown mall is having difficulty targeting San Francisco State students to shop at their store, even when J.Crew offers a 15% off discount to college students. J.Crew is a very successful brand that reaches out to young business professionals; however J.Crew, specifically at Stonestown mall, is having difficulty reaching out to the college students at San Francisco State University. J.Crew believes the students at SFSU are a smart target to reach, considering the University is located right next to the Stonestown mall. Although J.Crew believes the college students are smart target to reach, many students are unaware of the student discount they offer. Looking over J.Crew’s past marketing campaigns,
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• During the recession students do not have the luxury to spend on pricey clothing • Increased celebrity advertisement of competitors
• More discounted sales at competitors

IV. Target Audience
For our advertising plan we will target young college students living in the city. These students will be mainly females, as college female students are more willing to pay good money for their clothing than male students. Because our target audience consists mostly of young college students, most will be seen as single. The typical consumer will only make about $12,000 annually or less, most with part time jobs and attending school full time. Psychographics: The psychographics of our target audience will be students living in dorms and on the campus. We will also target young adults living in apartments near college campus life. Most young students don’t mind a little shopping to help them cope with a bad grade or too much studying. These students will be found around the mall regularly and will be shopping at competing stores like GAP. These consumers will be living the college life, learning to be professional in school as well as out. They should enjoy

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