Is There One Science, Western Science? Essay

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1. Introduction
The period known as the Renaissance, brought with it a paradigm shift on perceptions of causality and to how phenomenon was viewed. It was this European Enlightenment that radically departed from the traditional religious metaphysical views of cause to one which relied on rationality and the empirical as the foundation of cause. This approach was more useful to practical everyday life than the traditional metaphysical way of thinking. The empirical way of explaining phenomena, events and observations expressed in quantitative measurement, offered more readily acceptable explanation of cause than the traditional metaphysical way of thinking employed up to this time. It was this new Western Europe empiricism with its
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According to the Western schools of thought, science has its origins in the ancient Greece. This is an idea spread by most Western historians of science and other Western intellectuals. This view is however erroneous as science had its origin in Alexandria. The West’s technological knowledge was, contrary to popular belief, a legacy of the ancient Egypt, and it was from here that Greece absorbed its scientific knowledge (Keita, 2007: 157). The Egyptians had systematic knowledge of the laws of mechanics and this is supported by ancient Egyptian manuscripts in geometry and trigonometry. Alexandria was the setting from where scientific ideas of the ancient Egyptian were transmitted (Ibid: 158). It should further be noted that the Egyptians engaged in systematic scientific study of the stars before the Greeks.
The indispensable feature of that what we call science, is the analysis of the arrangements of the natural world with the objective of finding confirmable explanations. The trademark of scientific investigation is careful scrutiny articulated in objective linguistic terminology and accurate measurement. In this regard mathematics is thus of special significance.
The foundation upon which the scientific outlook of the Greeks was based was upon the reliance on the science of number and measurement, and it is this regard that the Greeks owed a debt to the mathematics of the Egyptians (ibid: 159).
Science is a dynamic discipline and always in

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