CORPS Interest Inventory

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The CORPS Interest Inventory helped me define my career pathway based on my personal interests. It was a survey based questionnaire that asked many personality as well as interest questions. The results came out as, physical science with a 93% match and a science based career with medical involvement at 75%. All other careers matches at less than 40%. It was clear what I was interested in, which is science. For as long as I recall i have wanted to become a scientist and the CORPS interest inventory helped me define a more accurate field within science. I have chosen a major in chemistry within physical science. The educational requirements to become a chemist is a bachelor's degree, which most times is 4 years of post secondary education. …show more content…
Most times the universities around you will provide courses and careers where relocation is not necessary because the resources are available around. In my personal case, relocation is necessary, both for post secondary education and to pursue employment in the chemist career. This is because I currently live in a small town where there is very little resources in the science department therefore relocation is absolutely necessary.

According the the personality spectrum previously given to us, the results indicate that I am both an organizer and an adventurer. Some of the traits that those personality have are tactical, structured, procedural, experimental, analytical, and many others. I believe the

se qualities are critical for becoming a chemist as people will expect professionalism from you at all times. For those times the traits you will mostly use are those stated above also including communications skills. Skills that are also important to becoming a chemist is critical thinking, math, and logical skills. To become any kind of scientist it is expected for you to have really high math and logical skills because science involves plenty of math all

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