Intelligence Portrayed in Characters in Movies Essay

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Intelligence Portrayed in Characters in Movies

"Nell, an underdeveloped human being has been subjected to a struggle of becoming assimilated and to conformity to society's views on how one should behave and act in public and in private" This film features Jodie Foster as Nell, a young woman who lives the first thirty years of her life in a remote cabin in the isolated beauty of North Carolina's Smoky Mountains. Once she is discovered by the outer world, she is forced to conform to a civilized young woman. Her linguistics skills are very undeveloped; she is very underdeveloped emotionally, socially, morally, and intellectually. However, she has very well developed physical and motor skills because she has been forced to take care
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She was actually in terrific condition in that she was not overweight, she was very healthy, she was not malnourished, and she possessed no bad habits such as eating excessively or smoking cigarettes. During the evening, Nell would bathe in the nude and her nude body was fully developed and possessed no visible deformities or lack of development in any areas. Nell has excellent motor skills, which was obtained in her childhood in which her mother taught she. During the scene where Nell is chopping wood, it displays her physical strength, endurance, and hand-eye co-ordination. Nell has her own developed language, distinct from any other language. Her method of oral communication is considered to be undeveloped by most people because she has yet to become assimilated to our society's primary language. She speaks English, however she has obtained a speech distortion from her mother. Her mother's body was half paralyzed including her face, which was caused by a series of strokes. Hence, she could not speak clearly or properly and effectively pronounce and enunciate correctly and fluently. Some of the physiologists in this movie referred to her language as "twin speech". Webster's defines language as, "The use by human beings of voice sounds in organized combinations and patterns in order to express and communicate thoughts and feelings". According to the previous definition, Nell spoke a fully developed

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