Essay on Impact of Political Advertising

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Political advertising is a part of American politics that has been around for as long as this nation has existed. Yet, in 2003, a Washington Post article titled, "Unconventional Wisdom" by Richard Morin advocates that emotional manipulation through televised media is something that is new. It should be considered common knowledge that these advertisements have specific agenda to convince and influence the emotions of the viewer be telling half truths and using images with specific sound effects to generate desired emotional responses. It is obvious that political ads are not meant to educate at all but are just another medium to influence voters through emotional impact. But this should not be something that is considered new. …show more content…
Furthermore, "emotion-drenched political ads are most effective among sophisticated voters, who probably would be the most chagrined to learn that they're suckers for political mudslinging and cheerleading, claims Ted Brader"(Morin, 2003). According the Professor Brader, emotions are the core motivator for action in everyone. It is the strong correlation between emotion and action that Professor Brader decided to test in a controlled group of individuals. By taking individuals and breaking them up into four different groups and then showing each group a different political ad and afterwards surveying its effects on their emotions, political opinions, and viewpoints, Professor Brader was able to see how effective positive and negatively charged campaign ads really are. Each ad was different from the other three. Two were positive and two were negative while one of the positive and one of the negatives were edited with dull images and video along with having a bland audio track, their opposites were given intense music and images to enhance it positive or negative agenda. The results were surprising. The research showed that intense visual and audio editing was more effective at getting an emotional reaction from viewers and the more politically aware the viewers were, with regards to the candidates portrayed in the ads, the more susceptible they were to the ads influence. It also showed

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