Graduation Speech Essay

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I realize that, during these short minutes I have to address my fellow classmates, all I truly have to offer you are my own thoughts and a little bit of philosophy that I have picked up during my three years here at West High School.

Throughout our high school careers, we have been presented with clichés and catch-phrases that are meant to epitomize our entire school career into three or four words: Class of 2000, Bridge to the Millennium, and The Future is Now. As true as all of those phrases may be, I do not believe that any of them can define our entire education.

The common tie between all of those themes is this: They all focus on what is to come. They tell us of how we should be years from now, as opposed to acknowledging how
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Forget about your bosses, your summer jobs, your financial problems, just for tonight. Forget about the applications and the scholarships. Forget that you still don’t know who you’re going to be sharing your living space with next year, provided it is someone other than mom and dad. Forget it all, for a little while, just to enjoy this time.

For a moment, think about all the people sitting up in the stands behind us. They are here to celebrate us. Each faculty member, family and friend is here to celebrate that we have all completed 12 years of public education. We are also here to enjoy tonight and to celebrate what we have done. Tonight, think back over what you have achieved in the past 12 years. Each of us, with our individuality and determination, has reached the same goal: tonight, our high school graduation.

We are not merely the Class of 2000. The title implies that the year we graduate in is our achievement. We are all so much more than that. We are WESCO champions, actors, dancers, scholars, skaters and writers. We are each others’ friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, classmates, partners in adventure, partners in misadventure and, of course, Junior TP-night targets. Even in addition to all of these accomplishments, I do not believe that any one of us can forget the crowning glory of our sophomore year: the WASL test.

Now, just for this moment, do not focus on what is to come; there will be plenty of

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