Graduation Speech: Not Easily Broken

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Ladies, you are a very important ingredient to the success or failure of your man. You can either lift him up or you can tear him down. There is no in between. If you are not lifting him up, believe me you are tearing him down. Men may not want to admit it but they need encouragement from a women and if your man is doing well without any encouragement from you be advised that someone else is more than likely lifting him up and encouraging him. I love the statement Morris Chestnut said in the movie, Not Easily Broken. “When God made Adam, he instructed him to do three things work, cultivate, and protect. Down through history men have always been measured by how hard they've worked and cultivated, measured by how well they protected their wives and children. In the old day’s women saw their men as conquerors, providers, heroes, but somewhere along the lines that changed. Women started becoming their own hero’s, maybe it's because their men forgot how to be heroic or because women didn't want to be protected anymore or maybe women had to be their own heroes because of the pain they had to endure in life. But whatever the cause the world took away a man’s reasons for being a man. The …show more content…
There was certainly a time I wanted a king but didn't think I needed one and I sure didn’t carry myself like a true queen. As crazy as this sound, I'm not the only black woman who has either said this or acted this way. The funny thing is I did not realize how ridiculous my words and thoughts were until I begin hearing them from other women. I've read far too many Facebook post where woman were posting all the things they were looking for in a man and then posting how independent they were and how they didn't need a man. This caused me to question why I myself and these other women were not in loving, satisfying

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