Funding Fine Arts in Schools Essay

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Funding Fine Arts in Schools -


This paper entails the struggle that fine arts are facing in the school systems today. Fine arts include music, art, drama and dance. The funding for most, if not all school systems is being threatened in the worst way. Without proper funding, these programs will become non-existent in children’s lives. Not only are the aforementioned programs responsible for most of the entertainment in today’s school systems, there are many studies that show the significant, positive impacts on students that fine arts such as drama, art, and dance have on students. Below, the struggles of state and national funding for the programs will be discussed, as well as possible solutions that can be made to keep
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Drama and dance usually do not have specified classes like the music programs (Campus composers, 2003).

There is an overwhelming amount or drama surrounding the issue of funding fine arts programs in today’s school system. When one hears of all the budget cuts that are to take place, they often consider the loss of music education in schools. The fact still remains that most schools today are lacking in both dance and drama programs (Music and arts, 2002). In today’s school system, music classes are still in existence. However, for students to get their drama or dance fill, they have to get it through another class in their schedule. For students to participate in dance, the physical education teachers must incorporate it into their curriculum (www.dquad300.perry.k12, 2002). There are no single, dance only based classes. The same goes for drama. The music teacher or the primary teacher had to incorporate some kind of drama activity into their curriculum for students to be able to participate in a drama activity (Title 1 programs struggle for funding, 2003). Granted, all of the funding for arts needs to be increased, but the sole basis of the increase should not be based on music alone.

Academic achievement is the number one goal of parents, teachers, and students in today’s society. The reason that so much emphasis is put on the government to keep funding for the fine arts is because they are

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