Foundations of Education Lesson 4: Assignment Worksheet Essay

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Foundations of Education Lesson 4: Assignment Worksheet

• How have you seen family influences impact your students’ learning? (If you are not currently teaching, relate how you have seen family influences impact learning in your own school experiences or the experiences of others.)

I have been fortunate in that most of my students’ families had positive impacts on their education (or at the very least, a neutral impact). Most families I dealt with were involved in their child’s schooling and a supportive influence for homework and other assignments. I found very few “helicopter parents” among our population, which surprised me considering the high SES level of our overall student body. My school also did a pretty good job
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(One of the sisters was almost expelled for shoplifting.)

• How have you seen peer influences positively and/or negatively impact learning, either in your own classroom or in your past school experiences?

I certainly remember having to fight the “nerd” perception when I was in high school. My belongings were vandalized in the hallways, I had prank calls made to my house, and I was the victim of a whisper campaign that I was a lesbian. Thankfully, the intrinsic rewards of learning new things and getting good grades outweighed the negative aspects of this harassment, and I never considered deliberately dumbing down my work just to gain social acceptance. I can easily see why others might do so, however. Luckily, the school where I taught had little of this attitude. While doing well in school might not have been the key to popularity, it didn’t seem to be a hindrance either (or at least that’s how it looked to us faculty). As a college-prep school, it was assumed that academics were important, and the few students who did try to project a “good grades are for suckers” attitude didn’t seem to get much traction among the rest of the student body.

• How does classroom culture impact learning, and how does (or will) the culture in your classroom contribute to learning?

I try to put forward an atmosphere of:
• “We’re all learning here.” As the cliché says, I try to be the “guide on the side” rather than the “sage on the stage.” I

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