Essay on Fluoride in Your Drinking Water May Be Killing You

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Fluoridating water is a widely accepted practice, and as of 2010, the Center for Disease Control claims that roughly seventy-five percent of American’s are served fluoridated water. The Environmental Protection Agency regulates fluoride in drinking water to protect public health, and pediatric dentist Michael Biermann promotes its use for dental health (Aleccia). He recalls the case of one of his patients, a three year old with twenty one teeth, in which every single one had a cavity. Biermann believes fluoridated water could have helped the little boy’s dental health (Allecia). At the same time, the EPA also states that fluoride can cause health complications if municipal water supplies do not adhere to the guidelines they set forth. …show more content…
While some scientists and researchers claim that fluoride has improved our dental health exponentially, opposing views claim that fluoride is a detriment to our health as a whole, and that it is more harmful than helpful. At the same time, both parties agree that too much fluoride is unhealthy and toxic, and that small amounts applied topically are beneficial to oral health. According to the research, the benefits of topical fluoride for dental health are not refuted; however, the claim that fluoride use in water is beneficial is heavily in debate. Because fluoride in municipal water systems is a controversial debate, there are generally three categories into which ones view may lay. There are those who think that fluoride has delivered dental health benefits (and have seemingly no accompanying health issues from its use). There are also those who disagree completely, countering that it is causing physical and mental harm (citing little to no dental benefit). The last group is able to see a benefit to fluoride, but cannot fully support it being fed to us through our water systems. Because there is no way to measure how much a person is getting, it is hard to say what a “perfect” amount would be. Fluoride is absorbed through our skin during showers; it is in food that we eat, as well as in most of the toothpastes we use every day. Fluoride is also in most bottled drinks, including bottled water. It is also naturally occurring in the ground, and even

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