Essay about E-Business Task 1

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Truck Max

E-Business Marketing Plan

Serena S. Joyner
MBA- IT Management
E-Business QRT2 Task 1
November 1, 2012 E-business is relativity new and refers how companies do business on the internet. PC Magazine defines Electronic Business as “Doing Business online. The term is often used synonymously with e-commerce but e-business is more of an umbrella term for having a presence on the Web.” (2012) In our ever changing world where a companies’ online presence is equally important as the sign on the front door, it only makes sense for a business to spend time and money on their online business.

A1. Viability of Product or Service

Truck Max is a
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They stock over $1 |leasing through Idealease. The website is comprehensive |
| |million in parts inventory. You can book your appointments |and allows customers to get all the information in order |
| |online through the website. |to make a purchase. They have social media interfaces |
| | |for Twitter and Google Plus. They advertise on several |
| | |national websites and have a very good regional presence.|
| | |They currently do not have a global footprint which may |
| | |hurt their opportunities to expand. |
|Palmetto Ford |Palmetto Ford is a commercial truck dealer in Miami. They |Palmetto Ford only has one location, which is limiting. |
| |sell new Fords, Jerr-Dan and Sterling Trucks. They also |Palmetto offers Ford Credit and allows you to apply |
| |carry a variety of light, medium and heavy duty used

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