Drawing Down The Moon Essay

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     I chose to read the book Drawing Down the Moon: Witches, Druids, Goddess Worshippers, and Other Pagans in America Today, by Margot Adler, because I myself am a practicing Wiccan.
     I began following this religion the summer before I entered high school. I have read many books on my religion, and I thought that this one would compliment the knowledge that I have on the subject.
     I was raised a Roman Catholic, but I never felt truly comfortable with the teachings of the Catholic church. It always seemed a little off to me and I never felt like I belonged there. After I received the Sacrament of Confirmation, my parents stopped enforcing that
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In Margot Alder’s book, I was able to learn about a few types of Pagans, and some of the problems that face them. One of the main problems is that people do not understand certain terms used when referring to Pagan religions, and therefore make assumptions and associate negative things with anything “Pagan.” Adler clears up some of these bad connotations with definitions throughout her book. One of the most important definitions that I came across while reading it, was that of Magick. She defines it in a couple of different ways depending on which religion she is describing. But no matter if it were Wiccans or Druids being discussed, all descriptions of Magick stated that it has nothing to do with the supernatural. Instead it was defined as any technique which uses the mind to alter or change something.
     The term “witch,” is also usually associated with being bad or worse yet, evil. The actual definition of “witch,” is one who practices or follows the Craft. It is also associated with any practitioner or initiate of Wicca.
     Another set of terms that Adler explains for the reader, is that of God/Goddess. In Witchcraft today, there is a wide array of Gods or Goddesses that are believed in or for a better choice or words followed. It all depends on the sect of witches you are concerned with. Some groups

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