Innovation: Innovation, Creativity, Innovation And Entrepreneurship

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Register to read the introduction… Tidd et al (2005, P.3) states that “innovation is driven by the ability to see connections, to spot opportunity and to take advantage of them”. However, it is creativity that gives that ability to conjure up the ideas and Cummings (1998) supports this. He very much describes creativity as the idea generating stage. Martins and Turblanche (2003) also supports this theory and offers a definition for the context of organisational creativity. They state that: “…creativity can be defined as the generation of new and useful/valuable ideas for products, services, processes and procedures...” Martins and Turblanche (2003, P.66).
Therefore the link between the two concepts of creativity and innovation is evident. John (2001) points out however, that innovation can only be achieved after the successful implementation of the creative idea, whether it is a solution to a problem, a new product or an improvement. Hence why encouraging innovation creates risk as the ideas may not be successful and reasons for this will be discusses further on in the
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Those organisations that want to increase in size, dip into new markets and compete with larger organisations require creativity and innovation to do that. Therefore being innovative can bring on change and allow a company to grow. Various authors (Denton, 1999,, Zhao, 2005) look at innovation from another angle and argue that sometimes creativity and innovation is needed to help a business survive. Martins and Terblanche (2003) also presents another benefit to creativity and innovation. They discuss the possibility of using creativity to solve problems and make improvements. This is supported by Work Study (2003) which explains how creative ideas can lead to cost-effective solutions, which may save the organisation money and even time.

How to adopt creativity – organisational qualities/types of innovation; incremental/radical; process, place, product
It is suggested by authors such as... to recognise the difference between the three but to clearly understand the link between the concepts in order to successfully implement innovation and ultimately reap the benefits that many authors

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