Differences and Similarities Between Risk Management and Patient Safety

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Continuous quality care in the healthcare setting is critical. Risk management, patient safety, and full-disclosure programs play essential roles in quality care. Preventing medical errors, acknowledging the problem, and finding ways to resolve these issues are the program’s main goals. Implementing certain regulations can help decrease future errors and claims. “A successful risk management and full-disclosure program requires well-defined policies and procedures for responding to preventable adverse events, coupled with a dedication to transparency.” (Youngberg, 2011). With a proper system in place, these types of programs can run effectively and improve the quality of healthcare. A risk management program identifies the problem and …show more content…
ASHRM not only represents risk management; they educate its members. With education programs and online seminars, members are given the tools to develop and apply successful risk management plans. Risk management and patient safety are often confused with one another. “There is a great deal of confusion about both the differences and similarities between risk management and patient safety.” (Youngberg, 2011). Offering a safe environment for patients is one of the main commitments of patient safety, whereas analyzing the consequences of an unsafe environment would be the concern of risk management. “One of fundamental differences between risk management and patient safety is the difference between fixing problems and driving change toward creating a safer environment.” (Youngberg, 2011). Patient safety creates the path for risk management to resolve any problems that might occur within an organization. “Patient safety is more about changing work culture than about the problem itself.” Youngberg, 2011). When an issue is brought to attention the patient safety program, they must discover new ways to prevent future mishaps. Although the two departments are different, they do work together hand in hand to establish quality healthcare. When it comes to safety in healthcare facilities, patients are not the only ones who can be at risk. “Hospital and healthcare security is experiencing a major increase in

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