Essay on Death in UK ICU's

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Aims of the research.
Negotiating natural death in intensive care

The aim of this study sought to determine how death and dying were understood and managed in two intensive care units in the UK. This was easily located for the reader as was stated in both the abstract and introduction. However, the reader only found out the narrower aim - concerning the resolutions that occurred following the problematic definitions between euthanasia, treatment withdrawal, and natural death – played a more integrated part of the study at the end of the introduction. Although it was introduced in the abstract, it could have been made clearer to the reader so they understood that it was a pivotal factor in the study, not just part of the literature
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If the surrogate agreed, the individual was incorporated into the study and categorised into one of two groups; (i) had a 27% survival rate or (ii) the individual was not expected to live. Those in the study were observed from admission, to ICU, and then to after death or recuperation.

Why, or why not, the method chosen was appropriate

This study used the new ethnography techniques of interviewing, documentation, and observation to research the decisions made for critically ill individuals. These qualitative methods meant researchers had detailed case analyses throughout the participants’ ordeal, which could be used to see similarities and differences across cases. This constant comparative method is a grounded theory approach (Glaser & Strauss, 1967, in Seymour, 2000), whereby the research design inductively generates a tentative but explanatory and descriptive theory through analysing the cases. This interpretivist methodological approach was appropriate as it allows the in depth investigation into a limited number of cases as well as cross-case comparisons. Unstructured interviews are a powerful tool as they let researchers explore all aspects of a topic as they are shaped by what the respondent says, This helps bring clarity and opinion, especially to a complex issue like this case, but also in this case, helps bring clarity and opinion to a complex issue (Davidson & Tolich, 2003). Observations can also add to this, as they can

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