Cyberbullying: Nowhere to Escape Essay

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All around the world, the internet is being used daily by kids. People in the United Kingdom can experience a complete conversation with a person in Utah with just a click of a button. A housewife can go online and search for an answer to almost any problem she has but she does not think of the dangers. Innocent people have been kidnapped and even killed by being researched through social networks. Anywhere a person is a threat can loom over them. Kids today spend most of their time on social networks, posting their life story on networks such as Instagram and Twitter. They do not see the pain that they can be exposed to; they think no one can hurt them on line. Cyberbullying, one of the newer forms of bullying that occurs through …show more content…
There is no escape.”(Cyberbullying Crackdown, 1). After a poll of 1,000 children, ages 12-17, it was discovered that one-third have been or are being bullied online. Approximately one-half of the victims of cyberbullying are under the age of 18 (Campfield, 27/29). Cyberbullying has been said not to bother some children, though, but it is believed that they think that bullying is “normal” or “accepted”. One of the victims claims that it does not bother them and will continue using the site saying” I will not allow them to treat me that way” (Sleglova and Cerna, 1). Even though it is a good thing that they are not bothered, not everyone that has experienced cyberbullying is like them. Snider and Borel (2004) said “whether it occurs on a school yard or online, bullying is about power and control” and “getting hurt online can just be like getting hurt at school,”(Campfield, 29).
Victims of cyberbullying confided in researchers of how much more pain cyberbullying brings. McKellar-Kirchoff states that “I have always disagreed with the popular “sticks stones” phrase because the memory of painful words can be incredibly destructive to ones self-esteem” (Emotional, Physical, or Cyber: Bullying Hurts, 1).According to Campfield, many of the victims of cyberbullying have said that it hurts worse than face to face confrontation because of the wider audience

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