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Corporate Culture


How one chooses to dress, the physical distance one keeps from others, speech patterns, where one looks while talking, and similar factors are taken into consideration when identifying what composes a certain culture. In order to distinguish right from wrong, culture provides the individual with boundaries of acceptable behavior. According to one definition, "culture is the set of learned behaviors, beliefs, attitudes, values, and ideals that are characteristic of a particular society or population" (Ember & Ember, 402). These accepted behaviors are learned in all cultures (Ember & Ember 20). Specific cultures dictate behaviors for certain environments ranging from massive countries to small
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Anthropological theories applied in conjunction with communication theories (previously stated as Kotter & Heskett and Collins & Porras) can help explain what individuals understand and what impacts their behavior. Discussion here will be restricted to a limited number of observed patterns that apply specifically to creating a culture for an organization based on the models set by the Container Store, a national retail chain dealing in storage and organization products. The specific theories that will be addressed are co-cultures, constraints (established through norms), action chains and culture shock/adaptation. These theories, though anthropological in nature, address issues that are relevant in the study of communication.

Review of Literature

Individuals belong to at least one culture, and most people belong to many at once. There are cultures created by delineating factors such as home life, race, gender, sexual preference and religious belief (Ember & Ember, 18). These cultures require a person to adapt their behavior to the group with which they are currently communicating in order to be understood effectively. This phenomenon is referred to as a co-culture. In a co-culture, a person is aware of the rules and the behavior that is expected of them. Grasping the standards and rules of acceptable behavior - what Ember & Ember define as "norms" - is essential for those hoping to establish a co-culture within an

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