College Athletes: Should They Receive Additional Pay? Essay example

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Should college athletes get paid an additional salary? They are an important assets to universities and colleges, so why should they not? How else would universities justify taking advantage of these young men and women? These are questions that arise when pondering the issue. This has been a large controversy over the years of rather or not college athletes should be paid, more specifically football and basketball players. However, they fail to mention that colleges are only considering paying a select few, the stars of the sports. Every single sport in colleges is making revenue for those campuses, making colleges money hungry. Thus, if they decide to only pay a select few, would that leave out women sports all together? Why pay college …show more content…
It should never occur to one of them that they should be paid for what they do. If someone loved doing something, then they would not be worried about being paid to do it. They would be grateful for the opportunity, knowing that they spent their entire life’s dreaming of this moment, where the crowds rise and cheer for them and their team. If colleges decided to start paying college athletes then it would deter people from the love of the game. The colleges and universities would start attracting the wrong type of people for their campuses. “The simple fact is that college athletes want to get paid”(Rosenberg, 2013). Instead of someone who truly loves to play the game and would give their heart and soul for their team, they would attract people who just want to play for the money and have no intention of attaining a college degree. Colleges would become a place of gain and greed, a business without a heart. Whereas colleges should be there for a higher purpose of achieving greatest academically because that is more important than tossing a ball back and forth. “The point is about opportunity and education and developing people and creating a richer environment at the school” (Posnanski, 2013). One aspect that people do not realize is that student athletes are receiving far more than their fair share of wealth. Why would someone pay an athlete who is

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