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The Cold War began in 1946, shortly after WWII, and ended more than four decades later in 1991. It began with the shifting struggle for power and prestige between the Western hemisphere and the Soviet Union. The U.S. and President Harry Truman fear of communist attack and the Soviet Union need for a secure western border led to America’s effort in providing economic stability and security to nations of the Western hemisphere. In addition, President Truman began his “Get Tough” policy that encouraged the development of nuclear weapons for America to be securely defensive and well armed. The document, “Secretary of Commerce Henry A. Wallace Questions the “Get Tough” Policy” written by Secretary Wallace described America’s actions, “the …show more content…
“American diplomats who frequently saw Stalin understood this background,” stated by Walter Lafeber in his essay, “Truman’s Hard Line Prompted the Cold War.” Stalin had fundamental realistic reasons to suspect the West for any attempted attacks, since history shows evidence of the Western invasions that Russia had to experience. Yet, according to this essay, the issue was that Truman did not effectively understand the Soviet Union’s need for these regimes as “security,” since he believed their defense required an open Eastern Europe. While Truman sought to maintain peace with bases around the globe, production of bombs and weapons that served as “security” and defense for the U.S., Stalin pursued a different route and implemented friendly regimes on the western border to protect and caution the Soviet Union from any Western invasions and attacks.
Secretary Wallace was trying to specify President Truman stubbornness in having everything his way by aggressively using the “Get Tough” policy to build the U.S. a predominant force, intimidating the whole world from attacking them. However, this strategy did not only lead the Russians to “redouble their efforts to manufacture bombs, and they may also decide to expand their “security zone” in a serious zone.”

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