Fear Of Communism

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The United States went into the Cold War with good intentions, wanting to end the spread of communism. These efforts eventually led to better relations with the Soviet Union, now Russia, as well as China. However, most of these efforts were fueled by fear, especially following the second red scare. This fear led to democratic rights being infringed upon at home and abroad, and the tearing down of the governments of other nations in order to keep communism at bay, ruining the lives of millions. The actions taken by the United States for alleged protection from communism were far too extreme for the circumstances and challenged the values of democracy. The overall fear of communism within the United States began in 1919, where which Americans …show more content…
However, most was not equally met with action. In 1981, the crime rates within the United States rose by a mere 0.61%, whereas the fear of communist assault rose to approximately 40% (May 942). A factor in the unbalance is the fact that the media constantly dramatized the dangers of communists, asserting that they were violent and could easily strip one of their freedom were they not careful. Naturally, citizens would turn to the democracy of their nation for comfort in security. However, in creating media that emphasizes so deeply the dangers of communists, the nation changed the meaning of the home from a place that provides security to a place that, rather, needs it (943). With this change in the definition of home, the democracy of the nation contradicted itself, as it is meant to provide constant protection to the well being of citizens and neglected their mental well being by instilling such fear. In creating advertisements that warned against communism and struck fear, security businesses began using this fear for their own promotion. New products were created and commercialized, such as alarms, locks, and safe rooms, which generated more capital for enterprises from the fear of a threat that was not necessarily there. It can easily be understood that measures must be taken for the welfare of the nation, however they should not be at the cost of the citizens’ state of

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