Capitalism And Communism In The Cold War Essay

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The conflict between capitalism and communism caused one of the biggest conflicts of the twentieth century. The United States feared the Soviet Union would infiltrate their country, this caused lots of political anxiety. This fear was caused by the news media and politicians who characterized the Soviet Union as being bent on world domination. The United States was traumatized by the events before the Cold War so they didn’t want to take any chances. During the 1930s the U.S went through the Great Depression. This resulted in massive poverty, bank failures, mass migration and many other disasters. The Great Depression was such a bad time for the United States, no one though the bad times would end. By the time of the Cold War, the United States …show more content…
The Soviet claimed they provided all citizens with economic and social rights but the U.S still saw communism as a terrible idea. Americans saw this is a threat that violated civil liberties therefore they made continuous efforts to ensure this never happened. From this a policy of containment was put in place. The main goal of this policy was for the United States to try to stop the spread of communism by creating alliances to help weaken the Soviets advances. This plan was originally devised by George Kennan, a career diplomat, while serving in the U.S embassy in Moscow. This was a mechanism used to contain the threat of communism and to prevent it from infiltrating the United States. This document thoroughly explains the policy. “As for the policy of “containment it is one which seeks by all means short of war to (1) block further expansion of Soviet power, (2) expose the falsities of Soviet pretensions, (3) induce a retraction of the Kremlin’s control influence and (4) in general, so foster the seeds of destruction within the Soviet system that the Kremlin is brought at least to the point of modifying its behavior to conform to generally accepted international standards.” It is important to note that the U.S government, under President Truman adequately used the containment …show more content…
The soviets suddenly developed atomic weapons, while it took the U.S years to develop an atomic bomb. Because of this many Americans didn’t know who to trust, so they began to look for communist spies. They were afraid someone would have a surprise attack on them. The atomic bomb played a large role in scaring the United States. When news arrived that the Soviet Union had the resources to build and launch an atomic bomb it created wide spread panic. Although they never used the bomb the though was enough to scare the United

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