Character Analysis of Lara Ritchie in Thunderwith by Libby Hathorn

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The novel ‘Thunderwith’ by Libby Hathorn is a heart touching novel which relates to a teenager called Lara Ritchie. In the novel, the protagonist Lara feels completely alone after the death of her mother, which forces her to move to her father’s family in Bulahdelah Mountains. She is an intruder in her father’s family where she has to face multiple day to day problems between Gladwyn (stepmother) and her kids. Lara feels she will never be accepted and loved until she finds the mysterious dog Thunderwith .In the text, the author has used some literary devices such as cohesive devices, spelling, language devices, to enhance the story within itself. These techniques are mainly used to add reality within the text and to create a
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An example of suspense in when the author says “It must have been a moment before they reached the crest of the hill that she heard the crack of thunder quite loud, very close ……. It was a gun shot!” These sentences are an example of suspense because they create an intense feeling in the reader’s mind and may force the reader to think of their own outcome.

The point of view of the story ‘Thunderwith’ is third person omniscient point of view. The author’s purpose of this point of view is to make the reader aware of all the thoughts and the feelings of all the characters within the text. An example of point of view is when Gladwyn says “I want to talk to you a moment while the rest of the kids aren’t here.’ Lara turned to look at her again enquiringly ……… Lara could only stare in surprise, completely dumbfounded by the impact of the woman’s words” .This example proves that the point of view of the text is the third person omniscient because through this sentence the reader gets to know the thoughts and the feelings of all the characters.

The use of dialogue within the text ‘Thunderwith’ has a major impact on the audience. Hathorn’s use of this technique conveys to the reader important information .Such as, the mood of the characters. Dialogues add reality which makes the story interesting and plays an important role in moving the plot along. An example of dialogue is when Gladwyn says “I’m not

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