Ma Jolie And Les Demoiselles D Avignon Analysis

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Ma Jolie and Les Demoiselles D’Avignon Analyzation
Ma Jolie, and Les Demoiselles D’Avignon are two well-known art works by Pablo Picasso. The most famous one of them two, is Demoiselles D’Avignon. Demoiselles D’avignon gave light to a new era of art. This new era of art was called cubism. Many art experts agree that cubism was the most significant art movement of the twentieth century. With that said, we will analysis both of this art pieces, by examination their color, form, and space, which make up the different components of cubism. Cubism is known to be one of the most significant art movement of the twentieth century. It has been said that it had inspired other movements such as futurism, dada, and surrealism. Cubism is mostly made up of three main components, geometricity, simultaneity, and four dimensional space. Many art historians have said that the cubist movement was an effort to rejuvenate the tradition of western art. During this time, inventions was booming. This was a problem for artist because it was difficult to replicate the modernization of the age, by using the same traditional ways of panting they had used for the last several centuries

Ma Jolie, “My Pretty Girl” is a famous art piece by Pablo Picasso as
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The highlights seen in this art piece are thick and uneven. We can also see geometric shapes created by black lines, which intersect throughout the canvas. Given away by its title, we can see an indistinguishable form of a woman. To the bottom right of the art piece, we see a triangle with what appears to be strings. These six strings can be seen in the middle of the artwork. To the right of the triangle, there are four fingers, which are difficult to make out. The geometric shape forms a human like body. The area to the upper left is somewhat darker, but cream like colored highlights are also present. This forms a sense of

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