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Bus Rapid Transit: A Sustainable Approach to Mass Transit Transportation accounts for about 25% of fossil fuel consumption. One way to decrease the negative environmental effects of burning fossil fuels (e.g. smog and global warming) is to improve mass transit. An efficient mass transit system speeds travel time, cuts travel costs, and makes service more reliable. Consequently, it discourages the use of private vehicles, reducing fossil fuel consumption and emissions. A type of mass

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of priority lane is a contraflow lane. These lanes allow buses to run in the opposite direction in what would otherwise be a one-way lane. Buses can use contraflow lanes during rush hours to avoid traffic congestion, thus these lanes would be temporary, effective only for a certain amount of hours during the day. These lanes in a well designed infrastructure help to optimize travel time of buses, thus increasing the efficiency of the system.

Signal priority gives buses the right of way at signalized intersections. There are two types of signal priority: passive and active. Passive priority involves timing signal lights based on the average speed of buses rather than other vehicles. Active priority uses sensors on both buses and signal to calculate the bus’ speed and time of approach. Based on this data, the signal will either hold a green light that is already being displayed until the bus passes through or give an early green light. Another form of intersection priority is a queue jumper, which is a short stretch of bus lane combined with traffic signal priority so a bus can cut queues of traffic and receive a green signal. Signal priority increases the efficiency of the BRT system by giving buses the right of way at intersections to decrease travel time.

The design of the vehicle also contributes to increasing speed of travel. Low level buses promote faster boarding and unboarding times for all
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