Essay on Availability of Emergency Contraceptives

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Availability of Emergency Contraceptives

The question, "What did I do last night," has been posed by many women to themselves.

Often in response to the inquiry comes details of a sexual encounter. Sometimes, an unprotected

sexual encounter. Other times an encounter that was initially began with a condom that may

have broke. Paranoid at the thought of pregnancy, women who have had unprotected sex can

now have another option. They have the ability to obtain a prescrpition for emergency


Emergency contraceptives, also known as the morning after pill or postcoital

contraception, can be used up to seventy-two hours after intercourse (Advocates for Youth 1).

The emergency contraceptive pill
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She elaborates that emergency contraceptives may

be damaging to a woman's emotional health leading to depression and lowered self-esteem as a

result of high-risk behaviors.

Once a patient can obtain a prescription for an emergency contraceptive the quest may

not end there. Often, pharmacies may not carry emergency contraceptives. Wal-Mart established

a policy not to carry emergency contraceptives (American Medical Women's Association 1). The

major pharmacy that sevices many American women said that it was a "business decision" not to

carry emergency contraceptives (AMWA 1). Pharmacist Andy Cocco does not fill any

prescriptions for emergency contraceptives, he does not stop anyone from attaining them but

avoids getting involved (McCullough 1). Many pharmacist associations have adopted

'conscience-clause' which "affirms pharmacists' rights to refuse to fill prescriptions on

moral, ethical or religious grounds." (McCuillough 1).

Many believe that by furthering the availability of emergency contraceptives to being

sold over the counter would put women at risk physically, psychologically, emotionally, and

spiritually (Physician's Weekly 1). Dr. Stewart Jennings

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