Pros And Cons Of Birth Controls

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Is it time for over the counter birth control pills? Should birth control pills be available to teenage girls without a prescription? There are many questions, pros, and cons to having birth control available over the counter accessible to anyone. The American college of gynecologists released a paper saying it was time for birth control pills to be able to be sold over the counter without a prescription or consent of a parent. Congress can pass laws saying it is alright for things to be sold over the counter. The FDA decides whether they will allow the medicine to be sold over the counter. Essentially when it goes over the counter you will not need to be a certain age to buy it. Birth control being offered over the counter, insurances will …show more content…
“It is a potential way to improve contraceptive access and use, and possibly decrease the unintended pregnancy rate.” (Gonchar) If we make it available to all, unwanted pregnancy rates will go down along with abortion rates. This seems like it is an easy fix; to just be able to run by the store and pick some up if you need it. Or if you forgot to refill a birth control prescription, no problem there is a kind of birth control I can just stop and grab. Essentially it will probably not be the same birth control you are already taking. Then you are opening yourself up to taking two different types of birth control. Although it may help decrease the rate of unintended pregnancies being sold over the counter. Would the product be the most effective? Or would the effectiveness be less than what you could get from your doctor? If you are taking one that is prescribed by a doctor and consume one that is not. Can they counter act one another and make them not effective at all? There are many questions when it comes to birth control being sold over the counter. There are also many pros and cons to it being sold over the counter. One of the cons would be that if birth control was available over the counter insurance companies would not have to cover the cost of

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